Vikki Holloway

"We all have unique strengths and capabilities... Amazing things can happen when people work and live with energy and passion."

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About Vikki

I have gathered experience of working with people and teams in a variety of roles throughout my career. In every case, my passion is to support people to be the best they can be, because I understand how important it is for each one of us to fulfil our human potential. I have been working with organisations for the last decade to help achieve change in the most positive way possible.


I believe we all have unique strengths and capabilities and amazing things can happen when each one of us works and lives with energy and passion.

Organisational success resides in people that work there and the relationships that they build - what are organisations, if they are not the sum of the employees, customers, directors and stakeholders?

As an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator and Psychometric Practitioner, I will work with you to help uncover your aspirations and create a vision of success; my intention is to help your business shine.


During 2018 I worked with Lambent Productions and Sage Online University to produce a student resource for Strength-based leadership. I also spoke at several events and will continue to do so this year.

Helping your business Shine

Do you want to make a difference in the world today? I do.

It seems that gone are the days when people went to work, did their job and came home. Work now surrounds us, it is part of us, our home and work life boundaries are blurred, our lives are more holistic – and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. With less compartmentalization we enter into a ‘lifestyle’ that embodies both our work and our personal choices; we create the environment we live in and we live what we create.

That's Powerful

By living what we create we demonstrate to the world our beliefs, our preferences and our choices, which reminds me of the quote:

"Be the change that you want to see in the world"

- Mahatma Ghandi

It may well be over-used, but how poignant, and it leads me on to the second quote that I wholeheartedly agree with:

"There are two ways to influence human behavior:
you can manipulate it or you can inspire it."

- Simon Sinek

Embodying the change you want to see and transforming business, whatever your role, as a force for good can have profound consequences.

Developing individuals, teams, organisation strategy and developing organisation culture can have long-lasting effects as every ripple touches someone, whether it’s an individual a team or a business.

I can help you make these changes and I can help you to shape the environment you want to create to live and work in.

Organisational Culture


Observe the Workplace

Your organisations’ culture embeds and carries the underlying beliefs, values and behaviours that are displayed every day in the workplace. It has the power to build or destruct; to create positivity or negativity; harmony or hostility, it has the power to make, or break, your organisation – and the people that work there.

Bringing Out the Best

Culture is not a set of words in a mission statement, or a vision of the future; it is the experience of everyone that interacts with your organisation. A strong culture of ownership and belonging promotes engagement and an engaged workforce is more purposeful and productive. Essentially, getting the culture right brings out the best in your people and your organisation.


"Every time I see high-trust cultures, I see a lessening of adversarialism."

- Stephen Covey


Mind the Gap

This inspirational programme, bespoke to you, is delivered by myself and my colleague David Wetton, to take individuals and teams in your organisation to a new level of presence, awareness and effective embodied leadership.

The role of a leader is so important, now more than ever, the world needs collaborative, conscious leaders that are a pillar of integrity. We will help you to identify the emotionally intelligent heartbeat that drives your organisation forward and will provide the psychologically safe environment to do the work that really matters.

David Cooperrider

"Business must be a force for good in the world"

- David Cooperrider